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What do I wear?

Our style is casual. Some who attend are more comfortable in jeans and sneakers while others come in their Sunday best...a suit or dress. Here is the most important thing about our yourself. 

What is worship like?

We currently have a more traditional worship setting where we sing songs and some hymns. During worship some lift their hands while others don't. During prayer times some kneel, some sit and some go to the altars. We believe that worship is more about connecting with God on a personal level than it is about following a specific formula. 

Where do I park?

First Assembly has a parking lot on the corner of Blair Avenue and East 12th Street which is behind the Burger King.

Where do my kids go?

During Sunday School we have classes for our children in our kids ministry area. For Sunday morning service children are dismissed during the worship time to go to kids church where parents can pick them up after service. Sunday evenings children remain with their parents in the sanctuary. 

What to

If you are a first time visitor, here is some information that will hopefully answer any questions you have before your visit.  
If you still have questions please feel free to contact us by phone (814) 684-5225 or by email 
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